We draw up between 150 and 200 Marriage Contracts each year. We are thus very well equipped to do this work and keen to help you tick off this most important item on your “to do” list.

With all the arrangements that must be made prior to the big day, we are aware that you do not have unlimited time at your disposal. We therefore work on the following basis:

The contract must of course be signed before the marriage is concluded. This can literally be done on the steps of the church but it is best done well in advance of the marriage. We give you a list of information that you must provide us with. We then draw up a draft of the contract. This draft seldom needs alteration. When you come to see us, we inform you of the pros and cons of the various marriage dispensations. Thereafter you can immediately sign the final contract meaning that you don’t have to come in again on a later occasion.

Give us a call in this regard or send us an e-mail to: